City Guide : Marrakech

The North African country of Morocco is an absolute must see. With it's increasing popularity among Westerners, home of famous world cuisine and traditional hand made tiles, the western city of Marrakech is a favourite among travellers and holiday makers a like. Simply walk through the atmospheric markets and you will instantly experience the sheer joy of this fantastic city. 

The pure art of tradition. The city of Marrakech gives you a refreshing sense of culture and vibrancy. The famous hand made tiles are a signature trade, imperative to the city's construction industry. These hand made tiles are used for resources in many homes and for building works around the country. This trade has inspired architecture around the world and have become iconic among many designer bathrooms.

Visit the thriving markets of Marrakech where you will be taken back by the beautiful hand made gifts and personalised jewellery. Giving you the chance to share your experience with loved one's back home and to support the local people. 

A key theme of resources has been pivotal in the progression of Marrakech.  Other famous traditions involve arts and crafts, through a diverse variety of colours that burst through the city's markets and streets. Dating back in the city's history, the local people have explored the uses of paint from natural resources. An example of natural elements in practice, the local's use pigmentation from the plant itself to design and dye fabrics.

Upon arrival, you can delve into the breathtaking views which the city has to offer, not to mention the weather which of course will not disappoint.  Small rooftop housing enables you take in your surrounds in the skyline. 

The intricate design of the Koutoubia Mosque, brings you a building like no other. With a track record of being one of the largest mosques in Morocco, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to photograph this extraordinary specimen. 

Author: Luke Allsop Life In Paradigm