Arts & Crafts: Banksy: London

The figurehead and king of the controversial graffiti scene is a mysterious character known as Banksy. Through years of championing his own mystery, the key behind Banksy’s success is due to his intriguing anonymity. This famous graffiti artist has never officially had his identity unveiled to the general public.


Banky’s pieces have appeared from all around the world. Starting in the UK, crossing Europe, through America and even places like Israel. The awe-inspiring capital city of London features many of the artist’s clever prints. Unfortunately, due to lack of acceptance, many pieces have been destroyed and no longer exist.

The Life In Paradigm team have tracked down some of the remaining Banksy’s across the UK. 

The Les Miserables piece is the latest Banksy to circulate around London, appearing across the road from the French embassy in Knightsbridge. This new art depicts the character from the famous French play Les Miserables, with Banksy’s trademark irony solidly implemented in this piece. Banksy also included a QR code to encourage the audience to interact with his pieces via YouTube, as another social network to verify his artistic meaning. 

Another piece still in circulation is ‘The falling shopper’ located just out side of central London. Due to the fact this piece is high up on an abandoned multi story car park, it still remains in tact. The graffiti could portray Banksy’s anti capitalist point of view, in relation to this image it could suggest how middle class members of society only care about food shopping. 


Author: Luke Allsop: Life In Paradigm