Arts & Crafts: Banksy: Bristol

Venturing to a small, quirky city near the west coast, Bristol can be described as a smaller London. The graffiti capital of the word makes Bristol a whole new scene to explore. Through up and coming areas of Bedminster and Stokes Croft, these places are full of riveting graffiti that bursts with colour and show imaginative artistic flare. Some believe the legend of Banksy was first summoned in Bristol, with his school days at the Bristol Choir school for boys. 




Hunged Lovers – This piece was unfortunately vandalised by the blue paint but is still a large spectacle attraction of Bristol. Possibly representing the social gap between many people in modern day society.

Grim Reaper – This famous piece was tagged by the mystic phantom that is Banksy. It was placed upon the Thekla boat situated in Bristol’s harbour. The piece has since been removed from the boat and preserved in the M-Shed museum.


The girl with the pierced eye drum – A famous image from Banksy which is hidden at the back of the harbour. A small quest which Banksy has created as part of the Harbour walk, a path for the general public to follow and come across the discovery of his blissful graffiti wonder. 



Mild Mild west – Stokes croft – the artwork was inspired by the street riots which involved Stokes Croft and St Pauls. Reinforcing Banksy’s clear sarcasm which is integrated in his work.

The dog and the cat – The area of Easton is where a lot of Banksy’s earlier work populated. This image is visually compelling and indices the viewer to look further into the image. Easton is also home of Banksy’s first ever collaboration with the likes of Robbo, another street artist.

The Paradigm we have created in London has initiated a trend. Watch our trend populate and gather pace through different cities and countries, converting different styles along the way. One of those cities being Bristol, which offers something for everyone and its cascading sense of art and diverse tastes makes it an unbelievable city to visit. Go outside your boundaries and develop new interests and experiences. Find the paradigm in you. 

Author: Luke Allsop: Life In Paradigm